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OceanSky Books consists of two writersa mother and daughter teamwho specialize in publishing books with a fantasy/paranormal twist such as mermaids, dragons, and things that go bump in the night. Meet the authors by clicking on About The Authors in the menu above.

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GASP! An Anthology of Surprises

by Kelly J. Erickson

Fifteen tales with shocking twists that will make you GASP!
What will you find behind this cover?
Ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires, space aliens, a dragon, and a kindergartner.
What won’t you find?
Graphic violence, blood, gore . . . Well, maybe not much.
Suitable for ages 10 to 110.

Stories included are:

  • All You Need Is Love - Mr. Love uses unconventional means to win an election.
  • Virus - A teenager is the sole survivor of a devastating virus on a deep space mission.
  • Gates - Why does the Lupin family have those big gates?
  • Steps - When fairies go bad.
  • I Used To Think… - a kindergartener reflects on changes school has had on his family.
  • Three Mistakes - An old man on a bus bench watches an accident scene.
  • Paladins - A small army of Paladins attempt to rescue a strange young woman.
  • B - A haunting in an old inn.
  • Excalibur - A policewoman is chosen as the wielder of the magical legendary sword.
  • Drinks - A bartender tries to make it to her car in a not-so-deserted alley after closing time.
  • Barbie Doll - An up-and-coming starlet has an obsessive fan.
  • Coffee - A ghost forever destined to clean her house while drinking a mug of coffee.
  • The Heroes of Algoroth - A stream-of-consciousness narrative of a woman protecting her children and her “chicken-s*** dog” from zombies…with a frying pan.
  • Boomers Crossing - Twin girls on a road trip for spring break end up in a town ruled by the Zombie Queen.
  • Mine - A honeymooning couple explore a natural cave with an unusual history.

Coming Soon!

Defanged by Kelly J. Erickson and KC Erickson
Girl Unseen by Kelly J. Erickson
W.I.P (a mermaids and dragons tale) by KC Erickson

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